Sunday, July 11, 2010

Project Emerald, What is known about it?

I wanted to put together an all in one on this phone because I think it is one of the most desired and most anticipated devices headed to TMO. I will give a rundown of all know information, starting with the earliest rumors. Stories are in their original format.

Although there was much speculation suggesting that Project Emerald was the Samsung Galaxy S, we know now this isn't the case. HTC is in fact the manufacturer. One source is also claiming that the device is to be called the “Sidekick Twist,” though nothing has been finalized; so as usual, that is subject to change. Additionally, we hear the device will boast:

-Android OS 2.1
-1 GHz Processor (Snapdragon?)
-Front facing Camera
-4.3-inch Super AMOLED display
-16GB of onboard storage
-T-Mobile preloaded apps for active lifestyle oriented apps.

So, basically, given the description, it seems to be a Sidekick handset made by HTC.

Later on this rumor evolved further into this:

During the Androidguys Podcast, Scotty Brown, an Androidguys writer discussed a conversation he had with an HTC rep at an event. Apparently, this HTC rep confessed to a super device coming to T-Mobile later this year.
-4.3 inch screen
-800mhz dual core processor
-Android3 (Gingerbread)
-8 megapixel camera

This device certainly can get some hopes up. With that said, Androidguys (or at least Ray from Androidguys) went so far as to personally guarantee his belief that this phone is the fabled Project Emerald device. Ray believes this device will be the HTC Vision. Information regarding the HTC vision that leaked in May definitely hinted toward a T-Mobile launch. With the belief that Project Emerald was an HTC device with a Qwerty keyboard, something the Vision is alleged to have so it’s definitely well within possibility. However, at this point its easy to point fingers at any HTC phone heading T-Mobile’s way and call it Project Emerald so won’t go as far as he was, but we’re not saying its wrong either.
That being said, it’s been weeks since we last heard anything about Project Emerald on our side and to that end, we’re not saying what it could be or couldn’t be until we get something more concrete. Predicting a super phone by the end of the year is highly logical, as we know phone manufacturers have stated their wish to place dual core processors inside cell phones by years end. Therefore, its quite likely we might see this device or something like it as HTC sounds like a logical manufacturer considering they seem to be far and away leading the Android device development front.

Well currently, according to the leaked roadmap we can speculate that the Emerald is indeed a different device from the Htc Vision, so it seems as though the source of this information leak had leaked info regarding two phones, but believed it to be referring to just one device. So in the end what can we infer from all this. Well we know that the Vision is the Vanguard, so the Emerald will be something different. With rumored specs looking like this:

-HSPA+ Capable (up to 21mbps, and eventually reach 42mbps)
-1 GHz Processor or Dual-Core 800Mhz Processors (1.2Ghz, or 1.5Ghz is my theory)
-Front facing Camera
-4.3-inch (Super AMOLED display?)
-16GB of onboard storage
-T-Mobile preloaded apps for active lifestyle oriented apps.
-Either 2.2 Froyo or Gingerbread OS
-8MP Camera?
-Sliding Keyboard is speculated, but unknown right now? Personally I don't think it's needed with a phone that has a 4.3in screen, nor do I think this will be the case...

One more observation from my end is that in early June, Qualcomm announced that they were shipping 1.2Ghz and 1.5Ghz Dual-Core processors to manufactures. So if this is indeed the case, I am confused by the 800Mhz dual-core, as I have been unable to find anything regarding Qualcomm even making one. The only ones known for sure are the 1.2 and 1.5Ghz ones. These being their 3rd generation chipsets. So interesting stuff. Lets hope we see some leaked pics online soon, perhaps around the time of the Vibrant's launch something may pop up online. In any case I am looking forward to more info on this phone. Remember that this is rumored to launch on November 5th.

Being the first phone to sport a Dual-Core Processor could make this the most important phone to launch for T-Mobile since the G1. Stay tuned for the latest info, I will keep digging and hunting

Much thanks for the guys at for breaking much of this development.



  1. Nice collection of info, good having it all in one place. PS this htc phone sounds killer awesome, I hope it comes out sooner than Nov.

  2. This is kinda old news, but yeah I agree cool that it's lumped together....good stuff
    get pics and I will be impressed