Saturday, July 10, 2010

Leaked TMO roadmap hints at lots of Androids?

So a recent leak of a TMO road map has been around for a few days now. Interestly it doesn't look like any road maps seen before. However most of the names on it seem to line up really well with other leaked info and rumors. I am inclined to think this map is accurate, whether or not its official.

Some key items to look at are:

In August TBA looks like the MyTouch 3G will be getting update to 2.2 froyo
9/9 for the HTC Vanguard, which is heavily speculated as being the HTC Vision. Which will be the successor to the HTC G1.
11/5 for the HTC Emerald, which is rumored to be the true superphone for TMO, sporting a powerful dual-core processor
Also there are 2 Motorolas on the map. So who's wanting some motoblur and who wants some Droid X blur?

Let us know what your wanting and craving, and of course share your thoughts.


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  1. I am really wanting to see what that Emerald one is!